Beginner’s Guide

Binary options, otherwise known as fixed Return Options (FRO) or digital options surfaced in the financial market in 2008 as a simplified method of trading assets online. Traders in the traditional market must hire a broker, sift through long lists of options, and wait anywhere from one-month to a quarter for the exchange reports. But now, profits can be made fast, fun, and easy with the Glenridge Capital’s intuitive platform tailored to the novice and experienced investor. Traders simply predict the upcoming value of a pair of assets within 60 seconds to one year with our call (increase) and put (decrease) features. You will quickly earn fixed returns between 60-85% based on your initial investment with Glenridge Capital. You may have questions about wise investments nevertheless; therefore we have a team of expert analysts who are ready to assist you with your trades. Our professional team can also help you choose from one of the five trading options that suit your lifestyle with high/low features that range from 60-seconds to one year.


The 60-Second Trade feature is a quick and simple trade opportunity for someone who wants to make fast profits while longer term options are designed for serious investors who want to wait for assets to mature over 24-hours to a year.

How to Trade
Follow these five simple steps.

  1. Select an asset.
  2. Choose an expiration time from the drop-down menu.
  3. Predict whether an asset will increase (call) or decrease (put) by clicking on the up or down arrow.
  4. Enter your investment amount in the blank
  5. Click the confirm button.