Bonus Terms & Conditions

Glenridge Capital provides a variety of bonuses and cash-back offers through web-based, e-mail, and newsletter advertising. Additionally, we offer special incentives for preferred, signature, and premium account holders. The bonus and cash-back offers supplement your deposits by matching your initial investment and/or include a cash-back initiative issued via a trading bonus. As you know, all gains do not happen overnight. Therefore, we offer bonus incentives in order to augment your trades with an advantageous edge by giving you extra opportunities to trade. And the more trades you make, the better chance you have at yielding high returns.

In order to verify your eligibility, you must notify your personal account manager and make an express interest about the bonus or special offer. If you have a password or unique code, please submit it to your representative.

All bonuses are subject to withdrawal terms and conditions. You may be required to submit necessary identification documents or proof that you meet the requirements of the offer.

Additionally, the trader must execute a trading volume of the (bonus amount + the initial deposit) x 30 in order to be eligible to withdraw funds.

Please note: Glenridge Capital has strict Anti-money Laundering (AML) policies and legal restrictions. Fraud, money laundering, and cash-back arbitrage are prohibited on the site and platform. If there is any reason to believe that your activity is associated with illegal or deviant activity, your account will be canceled or placed on hold during a review process. You may lose your bonus or profit if your activity is determined to be dishonest or illegal in some way. Trade volume only counts towards your bonus volume requirements if the trade ends as a win or loss.