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United Kingdom, June 1, 2014—Glenridge Capital announced that they are opening their doors as new binary options broker. CEO Vincent Glenn spoke about future plans to include a signal trader option from a third-party source; however he is still working out the details at the moment.  “I want to provide the most trustworthy and reputable source, therefore I am negotiating with a number of contenders at the moment.” He reported. In addition, Glenridge Capital will be replete with educational opportunities from personal consultations to educational editorials and e-books. “We stand behind our mission to provide a simplified alternative to the conventional financial market, where our consumers can be proud of their success,” Glenn continued.

In 1971, Binary options trading was included in the financial market as a straightforward method of trading assets by the Chicago Board of Exchange (CBOE). Rather than sifting through daunting lists in order to choose wise investments, a trader conveniently chooses a single asset or a pair and predicts whether the assets will increase (call) or decrease (put) in the future. This method of trading increased in popularity over the years, particularly when internet use picked up momentum and became a common household utility. Traders across the globe were eager to invest in stocks, commodities, currencies, and indices through the internet. “Traders could finally trade at anytime, anywhere” Glenn offered as he explained in depth why he left the traditional financial market in order to provide trading opportunities to the general public.

Glenridge Capital boasts a user-friendly online platform, however they promise to offer premium customer support in multiple languages, knowledgeable financial analysts, and personal account managers in order to make the process accessible for people with all levels of experience. “We know that our success depends on the happiness of our consumers, therefore we will do everything we can to help traders reach their goals and take home high profits up to 85%.” Glenn concluded as he patiently showed me how to slide the lever on the screen to the 1-hour expiry rate and select the call option on my demo account.

If I can figure out how to trade assets easily with Glenridge Capital, anyone can.

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