Trading Tools

Boost your chance with success with the Glenridge Capital Market Trading Tools. If you find yourself “in the money” close the expiry time, you can double your investment for higher profits. Conversely, if the markets have taken a turn for the worst, you can extend your investment to the next expiry time in order to protect your trade. And if you want to play it safe, you can always sell your asset early while your asset still has some value. The bottom line: There is always more than one way to be successful when you invest with Glenridge Capital.



Feeling confident about your position? If you are “in the money” and you are approaching the expiry time of your chosen asset, you can “double up” your investment for the trade and increase your potential profits. In a matter of seconds, you can transform your initial $100 trade into $370. Please be aware, there is some risk involved in a volatile market. This feature is for knowledgeable traders who can understand the peaks and falls of market trends. This feature is particularly popular for long-term trades due to last minute changes in the economy.



Find yourself suddenly “out of the money” as the expiry time approaches? We’ve all been there. That’s why we created the extend feature so you can transfer your trade to a more favorable position, as long as you are not encroaching on the last expiry time of the day. A 50% of your initial trade will be added to the extend feature, which could mean a larger profit if you recover your position and end “in the money.”



Minimize your risk with the early close. This feature operates similar to to a hedge fund. You can predetermine the most amount of money that you can risk and sell the asset if you are approaching that amount or you can sell your asset for Glenridge Capital’s fixed price up to half way through the expiry.

Take advantage of staggered payouts of 70% to 90%, depending on your account type. The ways to success are endless.